Alex Jezdinsky Drummer
Alex Jezdinsky Drummer


Alexander Jezdinsky



Born in Frankfurt in 1975, Alex has been a professional drummer, educator and producer for more than 20 years now.

Alex studied Jazz Drums at the Frankfurter Musikwerkstatt and Musikhochschule Köln with Rainer Rumpel and Keith Copeland. Ever since he started playing the drums at the age of 10 he has always been playing his original music in bands, as a singer and drummer and synth player.

He has been a tutor for more than 20 years now and is constantly expanding his palette as a composer, musician and educator. 

As a sought after studio musician, he has recorded with a large number of German artists and producers, and has been part of theatrical productions both as musician and actor. 

As a touring musician he extensively travelled across Europe, the US and China. 

He is a member of the legendary Austrian band „Naked Lunch“ for 15 years now.

He is Lead Lecturer at BIMM College Hamburg 

since 2020.

Alex Jezdinsky Drummer